With the start of the Circuit Breaker on 7 April 2020, Montessori for Dementia Care, like all other senior care centres in Singapore, had to stop operations temporarily. However, that did not deter our concerned staff from reaching out to our seniors through Zoom Meetings. these online meetings were crafted to simulate the face to face activities sessions at the Centre,

Doing so, took courage, innovation, determination, and perhaps even a leap of faith; for it was by no means easy to engage seniors with dementia through an online platform. Nonetheless, we took up the challenge. Soon, with help and support from family caregivers at home, the Montessori for Dementia Care team launched its Zoom Meetings, utilizing the proven Montessori-based Approach for Dementia Care in its online programme.

The sessions were filled with familiar activities such as sing-a-long, exercises and discussion on current topics and happenings. Not only can Montessori for Dementia Care’s programme help seniors with dementia to establish a new routine in their week, it offers them something to look forward to. Participating in meaningful activities can make the world of a difference in the mood and quality of life for seniors with dementia during the Circuit Breaker. It was great to see these elderly smiling and breaking into laughter. The process of 'recognising' and pointing each other was fascinating to watch too. As it also involved the family caregiver, we have also enhanced the engagement between family and their loved one. It was a challenging but truly rewarding learning experience for all the staff of Montessori for Dementia Care.

We would like to invite other persons with dementia to experience the online session. 

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