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Montessori-based Dementia Programming®

Masterclasses I & II


Montessori for Dementia Care



To use Key Principles of Montessori-based Dementia Programming®


  • To transform activities currently being used and make them more engaging.

  • To assess persons with dementia on their ability to engage in activity.

  • To communicate effectively with persons with dementia

  • To develop effective interventions for challenging behaviors.

  • To create individualized and group activities based on their interests and background.

  • To create meaningful social roles in their environment for persons with dementia.

  • To implement activities at workplace using Montessori-based Dementia Programming® for persons with dementia.

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More Information:​

  • Recommended for Healthcare Professionals and non-professionals (students, social workers, teachers, and domestic helpers) who want to grow their practice.

  • Masterclass I is a required prerequisite for Masterclass II.

  • The Montessori-based Dementia Programming Course is qualified under For more information, click here.

Dr. Cameron Camp

Psychologist Cameron Camp, PhD, has taken the Montessori teaching method traditionally used on young children and modified it to help people with Alzheimer’s disease regain some of the skills they have lost. His adaptation of the research behind the Montessori method is called the Montessori-Based Dementia Programming® method.


He currently serves as Director of Research for the center for Applied Research in Dementia and conducts workshops on designing cognitive and behavioral interventions for dementia internationally. These interventions are all designed to reduce challenging behaviors and increase the functioning levels of persons with dementia.

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