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Masterclass in Montessori-based Dementia Programming starts (1/2)

MFDC kicked off this year’s Masterclass I on Monday and Tuesday, 14-15 August 2017 at SMU School of Accounting. It was led by Dr. Cameron Camp, the founder and developer of Montessori-based Dementia Programming™, and over two days, he discussed different ways of assessing whether a person with dementia has abilities that can be used to help maintain their quality of thinking and engage them in productivity.

Highlights included sharing scenarios of how to create meaningful social roles for the elderly experiencing dementia and how to focus on the personal interests and background of the person to help them exercise what they have already learned.

Dr. Camp also shared his own experiences with the class, using stories and songs to demonstrate what worked with his patients, as well as stories of frustration to relate the challenges of working with people with dementia.

Masterclass II will be held in subsequent days for practitioners who have completed Masterclass I and are interested in becoming certified to deliver Montessori-based Dementia Programming™ to people in their care.

For more information on Dr. Cameron Camp and Montessori-based Dementia Programming™, visit our website www.mfdcsg.com


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